Ceremony Questions and Answers
by Leslie Marmon Silko

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What does the color blue represent in Ceremony?

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In Leslie Marmon Silko's novel Ceremony, the writer uses symbolism through color to great effect. In particular, the colors of the sky are used to establish the feeling and meaning of scenes. Yellow, Blue, and White are the colors of the sky in this context. Blue in particular is associated with life and the natural world. It is a color of comfort and healing and is associated with characters who embody a sense of restoration.

Certain characters associated with healing and intuition are often seen wearing blue. The Night Swan, who had a dance that could completely enrapture men, is often wearing blue. The medicine man, who warns Tayo about the "Destroyers," is wearing a blue shirt. Finally, Ts'eh, the woman who is eventually able to heal Tayo's weariness, is said to have flowers "the color of the sky after a summer rainstorm."

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