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The color of Annemarie's eyes was not mentioned in the novel Number the Stars.  By looking at textual evidence, the reader can find clues which show the probable color of Annemarie's eyes.  One can do this by looking at the descriptions of her family members in the book.

Annemarie's hair was described several times in the novel.  In the first chapter of the book, "Annemarie's silvery blond hair flew behind her" as she ran.  Her hair was later described as being long.  Annemarie and Kirsti, her younger sister, had similarly colored hair.  One can assume that they probably had similarly colored eyes.  In Chapter 17, Kirsti was described as "waving a small flag... [and] her blue eyes were bright."  Annemarie and Kirsti's uncle was also described.  Annemarie noticed that "his deep blue eyes [were] kind and questioning" (Chapter 9).  By looking at the descriptions of other characters in the book, the reader can assume it is likely that Annemarie also had blue eyes in the story.

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