what is colonisation? what is the impact of colonisation on black culture?

tisjay | Student

Countries which were taken over (usually with a certain amount of force) and governed by a foreign power, were colonized. Many parts of Africa and Asia were colonized by more powerful nations - and the weapons used to control these nations could be superior military power, religion (the natives were converted to Christianity and persuaded to reject their own beliefs and customs) and education (with the promise of better jobs and more money). By encouraging the natives to reject their own systems of government, to view their own culture and religion as inferior to those of their colonizers, the native was persuaded to see himself as inferior to the colonizer, usually a white man. In addition, the literature of the colonizer portrayed the black man as "the other", to use Edward Said's words. Post-colonial literature seeks to change this perception, as the black man writes about himself and his history from the viewpoint of the insider.

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