What is a colloid? I need an answer of at least 20 pages on short bond paper and w/ a picture....  

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I cannot imagine that you are going to be able to get 20 pages out of talking about a colloid but I will help you understand what a colloid is.  First let's back up a bit.  A mixture is a combination of two or more chemicals.  There are two basic kinds of mixtures.  A homogeneous mixture is a mixture with a single visible phase (like salt dissolved in water).  A heterogeneous mixture has more than one phase (sand sitting in a glass of water).  A colloid is a special type of heterogeneous mixture.  It consists of two phases, a dispersed phase mixed into a medium phase.  But a colloid is a mixture only on the microscopic level.  To the naked eye, you cannot see the two different mediums.  Only under a microscope would you see the two different components.  A perfect example is milk.  It looks like a white liquid.  But it really is a microscopic dispersion of fat molecules in water.  So for a photo, just use a glass of milk.

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