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What is cognitive psychology or methods of study for cognitive psychology?

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Cognitive psychology is a study of the internal mental processes a person has.  It has to do with how people mentally represent information processing.  Experiments in this field have to do with stimulus and response.  Jean Piaget is one of the most famous cognitive psychologists.  His work has to do with developmental stages in children.  Unlike some other theories, cognitive psychology accepts the scientific method and recognizes internal mental states such as motivation, desire, and belief.

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Cognitive psychology is the study of mental processes. Cognitive processes happen in the mind/brain. They include perception, memory, attention, language, problem solving decision-making, thinking and so on.

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Cognitive Psychology is an area in psychology that focuses on how people process information. Cognitive Psychology has many different areas of study. For examples are: studying brain functioning in regards to how people process information, how we recognize faces such as that are altered to look different in the recognition phase versus study phase, spelling-how and why people make spelling errors. The area of Cognitive Psychology is very broad and allows the psychologist to research a broad arena of research topics. Some of the methods used are complex, such as using MRI's to study brain functioning, to administering reading comprehension tests. Most Cognitive Psychologists use quantitative research methods where they use both contral and experimental groups in their research studies. Cognitive Psychology is interesting and a very "hot" topic in Psychological issues today. Many Cognitive Psychologists work for NASA, for example, to help determine the best environment for important decison making.