Intolerable Acts Significance

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The Coercive Acts were known as the Intolerable Acts in America and were passed by England after the Boston Tea Party. The acts included the Boston Port Act, Quarting Act, Administration of Justice Act, and the Massachusetts Government Act.

Because of these acts Massachusetts began to receive sympathy and respect from the other colonies. Also moderates in America began to slide toward more radical views and actions. Probably the most important significance though is that these acts would lead to the summoning of the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia in September of 1774.

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As a result of the Boston Tea Party, the British government passed Acts which included the Port Act which closed Boston Harbor until the tea which had been dumped in the harbor was paid for and the Quartering Act which required that British troops be housed in homes and unoccupied buildings.  The Coercive or Intolerable Acts were deemed to be so punitive in nature that the Acts violated the colonists’ natural rights.  The British hoped this would isolate Massachusetts, but actually resulted in sympathy from the other colonies.  It was as a result of these Acts that the Continental Congress convened.

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The Coercive acts of 1774 was the British response to the Boston Tea Party. They are also known as the "Intolerable Acts". Parliament closed the ports and reduced the power of self-government in the Massachusetts colony. These acts also provided for the quartering of troops on the colonists' barns and empty houses.