What code words did Mr. Johanson use to refer to the danish jews and how they were to be smuggled?What code words did Mr. Johanson use to refer to the Danish Jews, and how were they to be smuggled?

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Mr. Johanson called his brother-in-law Henrik and asked if it was a good day for fishing. This was a code for needing to have Jews smuggled out. He also mentioned to Henrik that they would be sending a carton of cigarettes which referred to Ellen Rosen, a friend of Annemarie's. A group of resistance fighters would lead a small group to a seaside harbor to be sent to Sweden (which was not conquered by the Germans) aboard small fishing boats that had built into them a false deck above the bottom of the ship. Between the hull and the false deck, several people could be hidden. In case of sniffer dogs being used to detect the Jews, a chemist developed a compound of dried rabbit blood and cocaine to stymie the dogs sense of smell. This compound was placed on a handkerchief that the ship's captain would use near the dogs.

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