What code of conduct would a foreign company be required to adopt in the japan. Why?

Expert Answers
currerbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Understanding the "Four Circles of Business Relationships" is a fairly basic, but not necesarily easy, code of conduct foreigners must understand and embrace in order to be successful. Those four concentric circles are 1) family 2) "fellows" 3) Japan and 4) the rest of the world. 

Family doesn't mean blood relations; in business, it means partners. 

"Fellows" are those with whom businesses frequently interact, such as customers. 

Japan means "free competition." The rest of the world is of the least concern.  To move out of the least important to more important circles, business people need to grasp the complexities of "long-term reciprocal ethics" of the inner circles, a process that can take some time for an outsider to learn, but is not impossible.