What are the clues Holmes uses to solve the mystery in the The Adventure of the Speckled Band by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?

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The Adventure of The Speckled Band is just the kind of unusual case that Sherlock Holmes loves to get his teeth into. Very little seems to make much sense until Holmes painstakingly pieces together the various clues to solve this most perplexing of mysteries.

There are many clues, all of them expertly used by Conan Doyle to create the maximum amount of mystery and suspense. A good clue should reveal something important but not too much. No one clue should provide the key to the entire story; together they should give us the full picture.

The clues start with the title of the book itself. We think we know what the word "speckled" means. We also know the various meanings of the word "band." However, if you put them together it is all rather ambiguous. However, it is powerful enough to keep us guessing and wanting to read on, especially as they were Julia's very last words before her tragic end.

It is important for Holmes to build up a picture of Helen Stoner's domestic life in order to...

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