What is the climax of The War on the Wall?

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The climax of the short story "The War of the Wall," by Toni Cade Bambara occurs when the narrator and Lou, “me and Lou,” return from the hardware store to Taliaferro Street. They have plotted to spray paint “their wall” with graffiti because they were upset that an artist from the North came down South to paint it. The wall was a symbol of the evolution their neighborhood and they wanted to keep it that way. After a long walk home from the hardware store, the narrator and Lou approach the wall only to see a crowd of neighbors admiring the artwork. Instead of spray-painting the wall, they look at it in wonder as it truly represents a compilation of their heritage. For example, they see images of Martin Luther King, Jr., Minister Malcolm X, and the flags of African states. At the end of this scene, Lou gasps and the story moves into its resolution.

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