Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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What is the climax or turning point of the story Frindle?

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The climax of the story Frindle is when Nick receives a large package from Mrs. Granger ten years after leaving the fifth grade. The package contains three things. One is a new dictionary. Taped to the front of the dictionary is the second item: a handwritten note from Mrs. Granger telling him to turn to page 541 of the book. On this page he finds the definition for the word frindle—his word has become official.

The third item is the envelope he signed in her classroom ten years ago. Inside is a letter that Mrs. Granger wrote to Nick during his fifth-grade year. We get to see into the past, and from her perception of what happened we suddenly realize along with Nick that she was playing devil’s advocate in order to give publicity to his idea. Instead of being against the word frindle, she was secretly rooting for it to take hold and did what she could to help it along. This flash of understanding is the climax of the story.

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anthonda49 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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I would say the turning point, or climax, occurs when Nick seeks the help of Mrs. Granger. She knows that he is unhappy and not his usual self. His celebrity status has turned off his creativity and stunted his lively personality. Mrs. Granger counsels him to ignore the money and fame his "frindle" stunt and to just be himself. She relates to Nick in a one-on-one conversation which lets him know she is not the regimented classroom teacher everyone thought she was. She was proud of his creative genius which her "look it up in the dictionary" response stimulated. Nick accepts her advice and goes on to reform the school cafeteria and proceed successfully into an educated adulthood with the added windfall of his trust. In the conclusion, he acknowledges her influence on his life with a million dollar trust for educating children in her name.

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