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What is the climax of this story? Saki's "Dusk"

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Climax is the moment of highest emotional intensity in a plot, when the outcome of the conflict is finally made clear to readers; this moment occurs in Saki's "Dusk" at the point in which Gortsby discovers a bar of soap lying on the ground by the side of the bench from which the young man departs because Saki has given his story of having been robbed after leaving his hotel to buy a cake of soap no credibility.  Gortsby grabs this item and hurries to catch up with the owner, crediting him his "testimony of the soap."

While this would normally be falling action of the story,Saki, however, has a surprise ending which makes the climax rather anticlimatic.  After having given the young man the soap and the loan of money with his card, then, chastising himself for his lack of faith in humanity, Gortsby retraces his steps only to encounter the elderly gentleman on the same bench, searching for a lost "cake of soap."

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