What is the climax in The Shakespeare Stealer?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The climax of this book is of course when Mr. Armin and Widge confront Falconer at the point when he has finally gained the copy of Hamlet that he has been wanting for so long. The duel that Mr. Armin and Falconer fight occurs in Chapter 27, and it represents the climax of the plot because this is the conflict that the entire text has been leading up to as Widge becomes more and more involved in the players and begins to like acting more and more. The way in which this duel is the climax is indicated through the following quote where Widge contrasts the fake weapons they use in theatre with the real weapons that are used in reality:

But this was a grown man's game, and the winner would not be the one whose weapon survived but the one who lived. And, I thought, clutchign the play book to my chest, if that one proved to be Falconer, then what would become of me?

Of course, this climax also results in the discovery that Falconer himself does not exist, and that he is just another part played by Simon Bass.

aluiso | Student

when falconer says he is simon bass

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