What is the climax in The Terrorist?  

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Laura and Jehran are in the airport, headed to New York.  Laura suddenly realizes that Jehran was responsible for her brother's death.  She was rescuing her brother's killer!  She tells Jehran that she is not boarding the plane. Jehran touches her leather satchel and says that Laura doesn't want to die the way Billy did.  The climax comes when Laura pulls that leather satchel from Jehran and confronts her in the airport lobby.  Laura doesn't know if the satchel has a bomb in it or not, she assumes it has money, but she could be wrong.  If she sets the satchel down, there could be an explosion. This was Laura's time to catch Billy's killer.  Jehran was about to turn and walk away, becoming just another kid in the crowd, but the soldiers arrive and grab her.   The rest of the book is an explanation of why Billy died and what happened to the characters after Jehran was caught.

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