What is the climax of the story "Little Things Are Big"?

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The climax of this story occurs when the narrator decides not to help the woman with her children or her luggage.

The entire story has been building up to this point, with the narrator grappling with an internal conflict between his culture and upbringing, which dictated that he should be offering his assistance to this stranger, and his common sense, which told him that because he was Puerto Rican and had black skin, any offer to help may be perceived as a threat.

The excitement of this great short story reaches a crescendo at this moment, because the audience has, by this point, become emotionally involved in this story and wants to know whether courtesy will emerge victorious over racist rigidity.

In the story, “Little Things are Big,” the climax is the point when the narrator is faced with the dilemma of a choice between offering his help to a white lady and walking past her leaving her in her predicament.

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