What is the climax of the story "Coraline"?

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rareynolds eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The climax, or the highest point of the action, has to be Coraline's decision to trick the other mother by gambling that she will be able to find the spirits of the three ghost children. This decision also represents a turning point for Coraline in the sense that she masters her fear and recognizes that she is smarter than the other mother and will be able to outwit her. This part of the story is gripping because it is not at all clear that Coraline will succeed; while Coraline may think that she has "figured out" the other mother's motivations, it is also true that she does not know all the "rules" of this alternate reality (like, for instance, her discovery that her "other father" was a creation of the other mother). In this way, not only does the climax bring the action to a close, but it also completes Coraline's development into a confident and self-aware person.

mkcapen1 | Student

"Coraline" is a book written by Neil Gaimen.  It is a scary children's book that has a female heroine, Coraline.  Coraline and her family move into a strange home that has a door to another world.  The other world is very appealing to Coraline who wishes her life were different.  The story is a scary fairy tale.

Coraline visits the other world more and more until she begins to realize that the other mother in the other world is not the loving caring woman she had thought.  The other mother wants to keep Coraline.  She must do this so she can exist in he evil form.  She has already stolen the lives of other children who are now ghosts who tell Coraline what is happening.

The story appears to come to a climax when Coraline outwits the other mother and rescues the children's spirits.  However, the other mother's hand is trapped in Coraline's world.  She tries to use her hand to open the door so that she can get Coraline back.  The final climax occurs when Coraline is able to trick the hand holding the key to the other world.  The hand falls into a well where it will never be seen again.  The children and Coraline are safe.

jassyhut6 | Student

the climax is when she finds out that the other mother wants to kill her and takes her parents

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