What is the climax of the story?

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The climax in a narrative is part of the plot - specifically the point of most intense drama and the point of highest emotion. After the climax, the action falls away and the tension reduces.

Let's review just a little: all fiction has elements, including plot, characters, point of view, setting, and theme. The plot is made up of exposition (background stuff), a complication that starts the events, rising action (tension increases), climax (the point when things are most tense and emotional), falling action (things wind down), and resolution (things wrap up and story ends).

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Climax is the most exciting part in the story. For example if A antagonist got killed by a protagonist that would be the climax. Climax is the most dramatic part of the story or play.


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The climas is the part where the protagonis faces his worst enemy.

It's the part where the movie will determine whether the protagonist is going to achieve his/her "Superwant" (the goal which makes the protagonist move forward) or not. The falling action depends on the effect of the climax.