A Passage to India Questions and Answers
by E. M. Forster

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What are the themes, climax, and setting in "Passage to India"?  

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Naturally, the setting of the work is India.  However, this brings with it some interesting dynamics as to what defines India.  The world in which the British live, such as Rony, the Turtons, and the McBrides, is almost an "Anglicized India."  For the British, who, as Forster says wanted to be "little Gods," tried their best to create a form of Britain in India within Chandrapore.  This setting can be contrasted with the form of India that is experienced by Professor Godbole and Doctor Aziz, which is fraught with the narrative of resistance to the British, but also uneasiness about the divisions that will be apparent once the British leave.  This would create a setting in India, but possessing different experiences of what "India" means.

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The major themes in the story involve:

1. The ruptured relationship between the British and the Indian population.

2. Racial tension

3. Labeling and stereotyping

4. Human rights and relations

5. Friendship in lieu of differences.`

The Setting of the story is the town of Chandrapore, India

The Climax of the story occurs when Dr. Aziz takes Adela and Mrs.Moore to the Marabar caves in an attempt to show them something about his country and culture that they might admire. However, Mrs. Moore throws a fit when she sees the real state of the caves, gets lost and hurt, and an echo booming in her head sends her spiraling downwards into a deep depression when she realizes how different life is now from what she was brought up. Her transformation process from sweet and caring, to detached and cold, has officially begun with the impact of the visit. Also, Adela goes missing in the trip while she visited some of the caves, and in the process she lost her glasses. Given that Aziz was carrying them at the time, he is accused of hurting her,and goes to trial.

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