What is the climax of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island?

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Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island follows the pursuit of Jim Hawkins, the son of an innkeeper, and a crew of seamen as they search for the buried treasure of the dead pirate Captain Flint. 

The climax of the novel occurs after the chaos of the mutiny and ensuing battle over the map, with Silver holding Jim hostage as they follow the map to the alleged location of the treasure. Along the way, they spot a skeleton with arms outstretched toward the treasure, and although this unnerves them, they continue to move forward.

When they arrive at the spot marked on the map, there is no treasure to be found. Jim is saved by Livesey, Gray, and Gunn, who then lead Jim to a cave where Gunn had secretly moved the treasure. With their new wealth in tow, the men set off once again for home. 

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The climax to Robert Louis Stevenson's epic adventure novel Treasure Island comes in Part 6 when the pirates discover that the buried treasure is missing. Long John Silver has nearly lost control of his men, but they eventually set out with the map and young Jim Hawkins to find the treasure. They finally determine the location of the buried loot, but when they get to the spot, the treasure has already been removed. Silver's men turn against him, believing the one-legged pirate has tricked them. As they prepare to overwhelm Silver, Ben Gunn and Doctor Livesey (who are hiding nearby) open fire on the pirates, and they retreat in disorder. Silver accompanies Hawkins, Gunn and Livesey back to Gunn's cave, where Gunn has hidden the treasure. The men load the treasure aboard the Hispaniola and leave the pirates behind, taking Silver with them.

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