What is the climax and resolution in "Jacob Have I Loved"?

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The climax for Jacob Have I Loved comes during the period of the story when Caroline is delivering twin babies.  One is an easy birth but the second one isn't.  This brings back all of the angst that Caroline has had throughout her life.  This is a story of self discovery and longing to be loved.  The resolution is that Caroline saves the weaker twin.  In working so hard to save the weaker baby she is better able to understand her sister and what she went through.  Caroline learns to love herself and through this self love, loves others.  More specific answers can be found at the link listed below.

dancedan | Student

The resolution is when Louise delivers the twins and makes sure the sick one lives, but she also tells the family not to forget about the healthy one. She wants both of them to be equal like her and Caroline.

The Climax is that one twin is harder to give birth to this moment brings back memories that she had in the past.


brandiennis | Student

The teacher whom answered this id like you to know LOUISE SAVED the baby. and she realized that she was was worth it... sorry but ur wrong..