What is the climax of "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton?

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The climax of a story is the highest point of tension and a significant turning point in the plot when the rising action turns into the falling action. Often times, the climax is also the point in the story when the protagonist experiences a dramatic change in perspective. One could argue that the climax of the novel The Outsiders is Johnny's death, which takes place towards the end of chapter nine. After Pony participates in the violent rumble, Dally grabs him and the two characters immediately rush to the hospital to see Johnny, who is unfortunately in critical care. The drama heightens as Johnny is on his deathbed and tells Ponyboy to "Stay gold," which are his last words before he passes away. Johnny's death signals a significant turning point in the novel and dramatically affects Pony's outlook on life. As a result of Johnny's death, Dally loses his mind and the falling action begins. Johnny's death also signals a myriad of emotions in Ponyboy, which lead to his denial, depression, acceptance, and ultimate wisdom.

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The death of Dallas, also known as Dally, is the climax of the story--the place where the escalating events of the plot reach a place of great emotional intensity in a final turning point that sends the story and its conflict or conflicts toward a final resolution.  It is easy, particularly in a story as filled with action as "The Outsiders", to confuse the actual climax with other intensely emotional events:  the fight with Bob and the Socs, the burning of the church and saving of the children, the showdown "rumble" between the Socs and Greasers, or the death of Johnny--which is the catalyst for Dally's holdup of the convenience story that leads to his own death at the hands of the police.  The end of Johnny's life spells the end of the best the Greasers had to offer, while Dally's death spells the end of what the Greasers had believed to be invincible, immortal, the toughest of them all. 

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