What is the climax of the novel Romiette and Julio?

Expert Answers
a0542959 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here is the outline of the entire plot, with special emphasis on the climax:

Exposition: We learn who both characters are. We also discover that Romiette is having bad dreams about water for some reason (foreshadowing here!). We learn that they both enjoy chat rooms, which leads into the rising action.

Rising Action: Romiette and Julio begin chatting in a chat room. 

Climax: Romi and Julio realize who the other is and that they attend the same school! At this point, they of course begin dating which makes a gang at school insanely angry. This gang then kidnaps Romi and Julio.

Falling Action: Everyone starts looking for the missing pair

Conclusion: They are found and are allowed to be together.