The London Eye Mystery

by Siobhan Dowd

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What is the climax of The London Eye Mystery, by Dowd, and what are some clues that help solve the mystery?

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The climax comes when Ted, our hero and first-person narrator, gathers enough information, solves enough clues and solves the mystery. The climax of a story has two critical components to it. The first is that the climax is the point of no-return, the point after which events follow immovable course to the resolution of the story. The second is that the climax is the most significant moment in the story. For some stories, this means the climax is the most dramatic or emotional moment, for others, it is a quietly decisive moment or a moment of epiphany (realization and spiritual awakening).

In The London Eye, the climax comes when Ted figures out that Salim, who has orchestrated his disappearance on purpose with Marcus, is hiding out in the old barracks that he was so fascinated with when he first arrived at Ted's neighborhood. From here on out, the falling action of rescuing Salim and convincing him to go to his mother in New York, all lead to the resolution where Salim is safe and chooses to do the right thing.

The most significant clues that Ted works from are the sleeve in the photograph, the T-shirt with the missing letters, and, finally, Ted's  memory of Salim's fascination with a feature of the neighborhood when he first came to visit.

I told her about finding my way on the tube. How I'd cracked the missing letters, How I'd phoned Frontline Security and spoken to the temp.
"I met her," Kat said....
"She mentioned you," I said ....

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