What is the climax of the novel The Outsiders?

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brendawm eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The major conflict in the novel is the clash between the poor greasers and the rich Socs, as the greaser Ponyboy struggles to mature.  As the action rises,  Johnny kills a Socs and he and Ponyboy flee.  By this time tension mounts between the greasers and Socs, which leads ultimately to the climax and to  Johnny’s death, in Chapter 9.

jenny12 | Student

I think the climax is when Johnny dies in the hospital. At this point in the novel, Ponyboy is matured, and notices right between wrong, and not to take things for granted. The socs and greasers become friends after Johnny dies. This is is climax and turning point of the novel.

mrselady | Student

The climatic moment of the entire novel is Johnny's death. Bob's death, the church fire, the Greaser vs. Soc rumble are all rising actions. Dramatic? Yes. However, we, the reader, along with the Greasers are holding on until they learn of Johnny's death. Johnny is an important character in the story; he is the gang's pet. His death after the saving the kids in the church fire is a shocking end to his short sixteen years. The Greasers will never be the same. The falling action is Dally's death and Ponyboy's physical exhaustion (passing out) and confussion due to shock. Johnny's death is pivotal because it propels the outcomes of Dally's death (which otherwise would not have happened) and Ponyboy's confussion, eventually giving way to the resolution of the Curtis boys getting to stay together, Soda's breakdown causing Darry and PB to call a truce of sorts to their fighting, Johnny's letter in GWTW to PB thus prompting the idea for Pony to write about his life and the life of Greasers for his English theme paper.

peacelovehappy | Student

I think that the Climax would be when Johnny dies because that i s when it is the highest point of tension.


But then again, im only 12.

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ik9744 | Student

I think the climax of this story is when the fought in the rumble against the Socs.

cj4tiger | Student

I think its when they start the rumble

mr-cbf88 | Student

The climax is when they go to the rumble fighting betwwen the greasers and Soc (Sochiz)

jamajuice | Student

I believe that the climax i when the Greasers and Socs go to fight in a skin rumble. It is after a lot of rising actions and then after there is many falling actions. The rumble changes a lot of the people in the gang, because they also learn that Johnny is not doing very well.

lickalotapuss | Student

Well, I have to disagree with leaan. The climax cannot be that early in the novel. The novel needs time to raise up in action before it reaches a climax.


I believe that the climax is when Randy talks to Pony before the rumble. That is when Ponyboy realizes everyone is the same. Regardless if you're a Greaser or a Soc. At this point, Ponyboy does mature, and he acknowledges the new information given

leaannw1 | Student

The climax of the story is when Johnny kills the "Soc" and he and PonyBoy run away.  They struggle through growing up and being on their own. The climax continues when Johnny dies and the final rumble between the "Socs" and the "Greasers" takes place.