In the short story "The Mouse" by Saki, what is the climax, meaning, and summary of the story?

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In the short story, "The Mouse," by Saki, the main character is a gentleman who is sitting next to a lady on a train. The gentleman realizes that a mouse is in his clothing. He is in fear and embarrassment at the thoughts of having to remove his clothing in front of the lady. Of course, she is sleeping and will not notice. Therefore, the gentleman puts up a rug between his carriage and the lady's carriage.

After the gentleman has disrobed, the mouse jumps out, but at the same time, the rug falls and the lady awakes. The gentleman bgrabs the rug to cover himself. He begins explaining why he is covered in a rug, only partially clothed. He explains about the mouse. The woman seems to not care one way or another about the gentleman's lack of clothing.

Approaching the train station, the gentleman realizes he will have to drop the rug and begin clothing himself in front of the lady next to him. He feels he has no other option. He drops the rug and puts his clothes on again. The woman seems to not mind.

Arriving at the train station, the lady asks the gentleman if he will call someone to help her off the train. The climax of the story occurs when she states that she is blind. Ironically, she has not seen anything that the gentleman was trying to hide from her. The gentleman has been embarrassed for no reason.