What is the climax of Hope was Here by Joan Bauer?

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Hope Was Here has a straightforward plot. Readers are introduced to Addie and Hope, and we quickly learn that the two characters are used to moving from place to place. It is not long before they are forced to move to Mulhoney, Wisconsin to begin working for G.T. Stoop at the diner he owns called the Welcome Stairways. The book moves into several rising actions by letting us know that Stoop has cancer, but he still plans on running for mayor against the corrupt Eli Millstone. Being corrupt, Millstone has no problem using every dirty trick in the book to scare off Stoop and his campaign crew. The majority of the rising actions focus on the drama around the political campaign, and the climax is the day of the vote. It's a heartbreaking climax because readers come to find that Stoop loses the election. Fortunately, things are made right in the falling action. The townspeople discover that Millstone cheated and rigged the election, and Stoop is made mayor. The novel concludes by skipping forward about 18 months and has Hope leaving for college and Stoop finally succumbing to his cancer.

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Joan Bauer's Hope was Here follows the story of Hope Yancey, a teenager who was abandoned by her birth mother, Deena, and is now being raised by her Aunt Addie in Brooklyn. After the diner Hope and Addie work at closes down, the pair moves to Mulhoney, Wisconsin, to work at the Welcome Stairways Diner. Although the restaurant itself contains many lovely, friendly people, Mulhoney is riddled by political corruption.

The climax of the book occurs when G.T., the owner of Welcome Stairways, loses the race to become mayor of the city because Eli Millstone, the incumbent mayor, has rigged the election by 1) lying to the town and telling them G.T.'s cancer has spread to his brain, and 2) faking the votes under the names of townspeople who did not vote. Addie reveals this information, which results in the electoral decision being overturned and G.T. becoming the new mayor. G.T. marries Addie and adopts Hope, emotionally satisfying her lifelong search for her father.

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