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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It appears that Phyllisia and sister Ruby will be returning to their Caribbean home as Rosa Guy's novel, The Friends, nears its conclusion. The girls' lives have grown more complicated since the death of their mother, and the relationship with their father, Calvin, has worsened. The two sisters have constantly broken their father's strict rules--roaming New York City streets without permission and kissing boys, among them. Phyllisia leaves the house again, this time to make contact with her old friend, Edith. She finds that Edith is all alone and is waiting for social services to take her away. The two girls promise to stay in touch. But when Phyllisia returns home, Calvin decides to send them back to the island. However, at the end, Phyllisia refuses to pack, and she convinces Calvin that both of the girls love and care for him. They will get along together as a family, and Calvin relents: The girls will stay in New York City with their father.