The Egypt Game Questions and Answers
by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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What is the climax in The Egypt Game?

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The climax of a story occurs when the central conflict and related tension are at their peak. The climax is also the turning point when the story moves from the rising actions into the falling actions. In The Egypt Game, the climax of the story occurs when Marshall and April are attacked by the murderer that has been plaguing the neighborhood. The Professor sees the attack, he calls out for help, and April is able to get away from the attacker. From this point forward, the story moves into the falling actions. Marshall is able to inform the police about the attacker, and the police are finally able to track down and capture the bad guy. The Professor's name is cleared, and safety is restored to the neighborhood. The book then ends with everybody celebrating Christmas together, and the Professor giving each of the children a gate key.

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hahalol10 | Student

Actually April is not Marshalls sister. April was the one who is grabbed.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book The Egypt Game the climax occurs when the girl and her brother are trying to get through the gate to go to their clubhouse.  As the girl goes through the fence and her brother is watching, she is grabbed from behind.  Her brother is immobilized by the incident.  The professor sees what is happening from his window and yells for help.  The man lets go and runs.

The scene is tense with all of the action coming to a climax.  Once the man drops the girl, she is alright.  The police arrive and her little brother tells the police who he had seen grab his sister.