What is the climax in "Bridge to Terabithea?"

Expert Answers
engtchr5 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When the vine breaks and Leslie falls to her death, striking her head, this could be considered the climax of the story. The bonds and the tight relationship that she and Jess had built over the course of the story's plot is totally altered by Leslie's unexpected and sudden death. It is at this point that the entire story shifts and becomes something larger and more meaningful. Jess must learn to contend with the feelings of grief and loss, and learns a lesson in maturity that the whole story focuses around.  

jenny45 | Student

The climax is when Leslie is swinging on the rope and it breaks and she loses her life because this is definetly a turning point in Leslies family and friends life beacuse she wont be around causing any fun or adventures for Jess and to her parents she wont be around for them to caare for and also her amazing imagination wont be around as much beacause jess has part of it.