What is the climax of the book Peter Pan?  

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The climax arrives in chapter 15, when Peter comes to rescue the Lost Boys and Wendy from the clutches of Captain Hook and his pirates. Tricked into capture through a ruse of Captain Hook's, the boys are on the verge of being forced to walk the plank, and Wendy has been tied to the mast to watch them die. Peter, pretending to be the ticking crocodile coming aboard, takes out one of the pirates and sneaks into the cabin. Thinking that the cabin is haunted, Bill Jukes and Cecco each enter but don't come out. The Lost Boys are made to go in for a fight to the death but burst out with Peter for the final attack. Peter insists on fighting Hook himself. The chapter ends with Hook's demise ("'Bad form,' he cried jeeringly, and went content to the crocodile") and the Lost Boy's bedtime in the pirates' bunks. The book's continuing theme of "good form" is evident in the climax: the battle between Hook and Pan is built on the idea of "good form," and even Hook's last words have to do with his...

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