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by Kathryn Stockett

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What is the climax of the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett?   

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The climax of a novel occurs when the central conflicts are resolved. For this reason, the climax of this novel is somewhat extended as there are four characters with clearly defined conflicts in the novel (most of which are connected to Miss Hilly). 

Miss Celia's story-line reaches its climax during and immediately following the Benefit. She has a face-to-face meeting with Hilly that ends her hopes of being accepted (this was her conflict). The following chapter shows Celia learning to become assertive and true to herself. Her conflict reaches its climax at the Benefit and is resolved immediately afterward. 

The climax for the other protagonists is reached when the book is published. This is the high point of tension in the novel as Skeeter, Aibileen and Minny each have their story-lines achieve maximum tension at this point and their conflicts peak, then are resolved. 

Skeeter is forced into a showdown with Hilly and their friendship is broken. This is the climax of her story-line. 

Minny chooses to leave her husband after she is beaten for a final time and in making this choice resolves her internal conflict. 

She does; she says she “done took this long enough.”

Aibileen is fired and separated from Mae Mobley, but given a job with the newspaper. This brings her conflicts to a close and takes place, as Minny's and Skeeter's climax did, as a direct result of the publication of the book.

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