What is the climax for The Body by Stephen King ?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The climax, the pinnacle of action in the plot of King's novella, would have to be when the boys find the body.  It is the climax for several reasons.  The entire purpose of the quest was to find the body and throughout all that was endured, this became the end.  The boys had thought that there would be some type of significant culmination in finding the body.  The potential for rewards, acknowledgement, and notoriety all fueled their motivations.  Yet, in finding the body, nothing really transcendent happened.  The finding of the body, the moment of climax, turned out to be anti- climatic.  Given the abuse that followed from the older boys and not speaking about it, the climax proved to be as hollow and as lifeless as the body that was found.  It is not surprising that the more potent moment in the novella was learning what happened to each of the boys, in terms of their deaths.  This proved to be more powerful and more moving than the climax of finding the body.  Perhaps, there might be a statement here about life and its journey as being its own climax, and not some external end.