What was Cleopatra VII's domestic policy?

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Cleopatra VII when compared with her male contemporaries demonstrated sound leadership qualities.Her domestic policies were entangled with her foreign policies, just as the domestic and foreign policies of nations today are entangled.Cleopatra's family had ruled Egypt for some 300 years, and remember she was Greek not Egyptian.In order to become a true leader of the Egyptian people she learned their language, practiced their religion, and allied herself with their most important Gods.This combined with her astute political and strategic abilities in the best interest of her Egyptian nation allowed her to secure the backing of her people. The primary focus of her domestic policy was to ensure the lives of her people. For example, she mandated food and fresh water supply be brought to the most 'metropolitian' areas of Egypt during a drought. Not because these people were more important, but because there were more of them. Not an easy decision to make, but as a leader a decision that had to be made.Cleopatra's goals were to secure her country's place in the world, she wanted this because she loved her nation. She lived and experienced a life that in her her eyes held the potential to reign forever,however in the long run politics and love just don't mix.

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