What is a classical muse?

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In Greek mythology, there are 9 muses, or goddesses, who presided over the arts and sciences and who were said to be the inspiration for such works. Their names and the areas they represent are:

Calliope--she is the chief muse and is the inspiration for writers of epic and heroic poetry, like Homer and Virgil.

Clio--she is the muse of history writers.

Erato--she inspires writers of love poems and songs.

Euterpe--she is the muse of music and lyric poetry.

Melpomene--the muse of tragedy

Polyhymnia--she inspires sacred songs, oratory, and rhetoric

Terpsichore--the muse who inspires dancers and choral music

Thalia--she is the muse of comedy

Urania--she serves to inspire astronomers.

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