Where Does Fahrenheit 451 Take Place

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Ray Bradbury wrote this novel in response to several things going on during the 1950's, such as the McCarthy hearings and the aftermath of World War II. Even though Bradbury was writing with specific world events in mind, he seemed to have intentionally made the setting of Fahrenheit 451 ambiguous. He most likely did this so that the book might be applicable to anytime, anywhere. In truth, it is an unnamed future time in an imaginary place, where nightmarish things are taking place. However, there are many aspects of the setting that make the reader feel as if it could be happening right now in the very city in which he lives.

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Bradbury is careful not to be too specific here. The time is the 21st century, and the setting is a large American city, but beyond that, we aren't told where or when it is set. This could be, if not Anytown, at least Anycity, USA, and right now.

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The book itself doesn't specify, but another one of Ray Bradbury works called "There Will Come Soft Rains", a newsbox says that it takes place in the year 2026, in Allendale, California.

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The time period is 1950-1953 and the place that Fahrenheit 451 takes place at Los Angeles, California. 

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1950-1953, L.A. California is what the writer was trying to depict.

The setting however is the 21st century, or rather a futuristic view.