In what city does "Romeo and Juliet" take place?

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The name of the city where the play takes place is Verona.  It is a city in Italy.  You can find this out in the Prologue to the play.  In the second line of the Prologue, it mentions the city and the basic ideas behind the plot.

The Montagues and the Capulets are two of the more prominent and important families in the city.  But they are not the rulers.  The city is ruled by a prince who is not very happy about the feud that has been going on the between the two families.

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The city of Verona in Italy is frequently mentioned; I believe it is in the second or third line in the play. Several of Shakespeare's plays center around Italian cities such as The Merchant of Venice, another city in Italy. The totality of the plays covers the vast majority of the area of Europe during the Renaissance period.

One of the principal reasons that Shakespeare situated his plays in numerous areas was for the different population segments that his audience members were. They came from all backgrounds and all lines of employment. They had various types of educational background, but they all loved a good story in a far away place.

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