what is the circumfrence of a circle with the area 36 pie m squared?

Expert Answers
hala718 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We know that the area of the circle is given by :

`A = r^2 pi.`

`` But we are given that `A= 36pi` .

Then we will substitute into the equation to determine the value of r.

`==gt r^2 pi = 36 pi` .

Reduce `pi` .

`==gt r^2 = 36 `

`==gt r= 6 m`

`` Now we know that the radius r=6 , we will find the circumference.

`==gt C = 2rpi = 2 X 6 X pi = 12 pi.`

`` Then the circumference of the circle is 12`pi`  m.