What are the chronological events of the French Revolution?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Events leading up to and including the French Revolution spanned more than two decades. The beginning of the Seven Years War in 1756 added to the mounting French debt; the American Revolution, and France's decision to side with the colonies against England, added to their financial woes. The subsequent American victory gave the French hope that a revolt of their own could be successful. Marie Antoinette was discredited during the Diamond Necklace affair in 1785, and the royal finances were determined to be insolvent the following year. In 1787, King Louis dismissed the Parisian parliament and dissolved all political organizations in Paris. The French government officially declared bankruptcy in August 1788, and Parisian riots began in early 1789. The Bastille was stormed in April 1789, and in September 1791 King Louis accepted the terms of the new constitution. Louis and Marie Antoinette were eventually guillotined in 1793, but the actual conclusion of the revolution lasted until the next millenium.

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