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Hemophilia, or Christmas disease, is a genetic hematologic disease that affects mainly the males. It occurs when abnormal clotting factors are inherited, making them inacapable to function normally. Coagulation factors are useful to stop the bleeding and to prevent spontaneous bleeding.

Hemophilia gene may show several errors, which can cause various abnormalities of coagulation factors.There are two major types of hemophilia:

- A Hemophilia is caused by a deficiency of activated clotting factor VIII. Approximately 80% of the population with hemophilia has A hemophilia  and most of these cases are severe. About 1 in 5,000 boys is born with A hemophilia

 - B Hemophilia (Christmas disease) is caused by a lack of clotting factor IX. B Hemophilia occurs rarely, only in 1 per 30,000 boys.

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