what are the chief characteristics of the Romantic Age?

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The Chief Characteristics of Romantic Age are:

Chiefly, known for poetry.

A revolt against the neoclassical principles and tradition

Started with the French Revolution in 1798

Preface to Lyrical Ballads often called as the Manifesto of romantic age.

Features of Romantic poetry

principal concern was nature, landscape and Beauty

dreams, childhood, innocence were common themes

concern with inner self

poems are explorations of poets mind

influenced by theories of associations and drugs

heavy symbolism

adapted myths and images from several non-european cultures.

Features of Non Fiction

 personal essay was the dominant form

essays often explored the psychological state of the author

diaries, memoirs, travelogues were also important genres.

Drama- not a very successful genre in this period. closed dramas were written in this period.

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