What does Cherry tell Ponyboy in defense of the Socs?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After meeting with Ponyboy and Johnny at the movies, Cherry notices Johnny is troubled, so she seeks the story behind the boy’s demeanor. Pony tells Cherry of how Johnny was attacked and beaten senseless by a gang of Socs. The story leaves Cherry petrified, but she tries to defend the Socs suggesting that not all Socs are like that. Cherry tells Pony that just because the Socs are rich, it does not mean they don’t go through challenges of their own. Pony learns that the Socs are troubled just like he and his friends are, only that the two groups' troubles are different.

Pony thinks that it is the money that separates them from the Socs, but Cherry explains that Greasers are emotional, while Socs are forced by circumstances to ignore their feelings. Cherry suggests that the Socs are caught up in some sort of “rat race” where they are always in pursuit of something new to occupy their time but never find it.