What do Cherry and Marcia do when the Socs find them with greasers in The Outsiders?

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Cherry and Marcia are afraid that the Socs are going to make trouble when they see them with greasers, so they leave with their boyfriends. 

Cherry and Marcia are Soc girls.  They abandoned their boyfriends at the movies because the boys were drunk, and the girls did not approve.  They then befriended Pony and Johnny, especially after Dally hassled the girls and Johnny stood up to him.  

Cherry did not mind being seen with greasers, even though she knew she was not going to hang out with them at school.  She found Pony and Johnny endearing.  Cherry impressed upon Pony that everyone has problems, regardless of how much money they have. 

The issue came when they were leaving the movies.  Bob’s car drove by, and the girls knew that there would be trouble if their Soc boyfriends saw them walking with greasers.  They were scared and worried. 

We all looked and saw a blue Mustang coming down the street. Johnny made a small noise in his throat and when I looked at him he was white.

Marcia was shifting nervously. "What are we going to do?"

Cherry bit a fingernail. "Stand here," she said. "There isn't much else we can do." (Ch. 3) 

Cherry knows that Randy and Bob will hassle her new friends.  She decides to go with them to avoid a fight.  The boys drive off, but that will not be the end of it.  Later, Johnny and Pony are walking around the park late at night after Pony ran away from home since Darry hit him. 

Johnny swore under his breath, and I muttered, "What do they want? This is our territory. What are Socs doing this far east?"

Johnny shook his head. "I don't know. But I bet they're looking for us. We picked up their girls." (Ch. 4) 

Trouble does indeed follow.  The Socs are drunk, and the boys get into a fight in the park, and Johnny kills Bob in self-defense when Bob is trying to drown Pony in the park fountain.  Pony and Johnny go on the run because they do not believe anyone will give a couple of greasers who killed a rich kid the benefit of the doubt.

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