What are the chemical properties of oxides? (Give examples)

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1.1 From the reaction of metal oxides with water, there are forming bases.


- the reaction of lime with water:


1.2 From the reaction of oxides of non-metals with water, are resulting acids.


CO2+H2O -> H2CO3

SO2+H2O -> H2SO3

SO3+H2O -> H2SO4 (sulfuric acid)

2. From reaction with bases of acids oxides are resulting salt and water.


CO2 + Ca(OH)2= CaCO3+H2O

3. From reaction with acids of basic oxides are resulting salt and water.


CuO+2HCl = CuCl2 + H2O

4. From the reaction of acids oxides with hydrogencarbonate results salts.



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OH: (Hydroxyl ion ) POH : Presense of hydorxyl ion & cheifly responsible for basicity of the products.

POH >= : ranges starting from 8 to 14

PH >= 0 to 7 , responsible for acidic nature .

Most of Matieral to humen usage s/h 7  Nutral PH / POH  neither acidic nor alkali .

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