Aluminum Formula

What is the chemical formula for aluminum?

I have a project due and that is the last thing I need and I can't find it anywhere.

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Aluminium is the only metal which is used to wrap food items.


It does not get react with food acids.

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Chemical name of aluminium is ( Al )
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Aluminum is a light weight silver colour metal with chemical symbol 'Al'.In periodic table it appears in the group of 'other metals'.

It is the third most common element after oxygen and silicon. Also it is the most plentiful metal in earth's crust.

Some properties of pure aluminium are given below.

Atomic number ... 13

Atomic weight  ... 26.9815

Density      ... .... 2.7 g/cc

Melting point   ... 660.2 degrees C

Aluminium has very good strength to weight and strength to electrical conductivity. This makes aluminium suitable for many application in engineering, construction and electrical industry applications.

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Aluminum is an element not a formula.  are you referring to the formula for aluminum foil.  Aluminum is listed under Al and has an atomic weight of 26.98 grams.  It is classified as a metallic element.  Its atomic number is 13.  It has 13 protons and 14 neutrons and 13 electrons.

The element Aluminum can be found on the periodic table.  It is the most abundant metal that can found in earth's crust.  Because it is such a reactive metal it is often found combined with additional minerals.  It has been used in combination with other materials and minerals in order to make it useable for many different things.



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Aluminum does NOT have a chemical formula because it's an element but it has a symbol - Al and a charge of +2 which means it has 2 more protons(positively charged subatomic particles) than the electrons(negatively charge subatomic particles). if there is an equal amount of electrons and protons then the element is neutral because the positives and negatives balance out each other.

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The chemical formula is Al 

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The chemical formula for Aluminum is Al. This can be found on the periodic table of elements. Also on the periodic table of elements, the atomic number and the atomic mass can be seen. Aluminum is a light weight silvery metal. The charge of an aluminum ion is +3 because it has 3 valence electrons, meaning 3 electrons must be removed in order to satisfy the octet rule of noble gases. Losing 3 electrons will mean that the ion will have a positive charge of three.

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Aluminum is an element but the name for the element would be Al

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The symbol is Al and it has a +2 charge

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Aluminum can not have a chemical formula because it is an element. The symbol for Aluminum is Al. The molecular mass is 26.98 grams. It is a metallic element. 

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Symbol for Aluminum is Al

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Aluminum is a light weight silver colour metal with chemical symbol 'Al".

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Aluminium is an element. Its symbol is [Al]