What does the check mean in A Raisin in the Sun?  

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The check is the ten-thousand-dollar life insurance compensation that Lena Younger receives after her husband passed away. The check represents possible financial freedom and the opportunity to pursue the various dreams of each of the family members.

The check means something different to each person in the Younger family and represents numerous future possibilities. For Walter Jr., the check provides him with the financial backing to go into the liquor business, which he hopes will prosper and bring the family more financial freedom. For Walter's wife, the check gives her husband the opportunity to follow his dreams and a rare chance to leave the south side of Chicago. For Beneatha, the check means an opportunity to enroll in the college of her choice to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. For Lena, the check means an opportunity to provide a comfortable home for her family and the financial means for her children to pursue their lofty dreams.

At the beginning of the play, the characters

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