What charges were brought against Kit, what was the evidence and where did they take Kit?

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Kit is charged with witchcraft because her silver hornbook is found at Hannah’s house and she is taken to the constable’s shed.

When many of the children of the village begin to get sick, the townspeople start looking for places to lay blame.  They become convinced that Hannah, the old woman who lives on the outskirts of town, is a witch who is making the children sick.  Since Kit is her friend, Kit becomes guilty by association.

Kit is accused of witchcraft by Goodwife Cruff.  She claims Kit helped Hannah escape as a mouse carried off by the cat.  The evidence she produces is the book Kit has been using to teach Prudence to write.  Matthew did not know that Kit had been visiting Hannah, and Kit is arrested.

Since they don’t have a jail, Kit is taken by the constable to a shed.  The constable’s wife brings her food and reassures her.


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