What are the charatcteristics of Romantic Poetry?

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The romantic poetry generally means poems related to nature. The poems in which there is an appraisal of nature, or where the poet addresses nature , is called romantic poetry. The characteristic of romantic poetry is that it will contain the sensuousness, imagery, personification stc.

sensuousness:- in this the poet strikes you through your senses.

imagery:- in this the poet makes u feel one thing through different images.

personification:- personification is the figure of speech in which any inanimate object is given the properties of an animate object such as my pen was shedding its tears.

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  The romantic poetry movement took place in the early 1800's.  Poems born of this movement commonly possess similar characteristics, including:

Emphasis on Emotion.  These poems are often deal wholly, or in part, with emotional experiences.

Active Imaginations - The characters that fill these poems are often largely lead by their imaginations and the worlds described in these poems are often highly whimsical.

Intuition - Characters in romantic poems often allow intuition to lead them, following their basic instincts more often than not.