What are descriptions of the characters in "The Tell-Tale Heart?"  

Expert Answers
Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are two characters: the Narrator and the Old Man.

The Narrator has clearly descended into madness. As for the "literal" characteristics, if you mean physically, we do not know what the Narrator looks like. He tells the story in first person and does not describe his own looks. One can describe his voice, however, as being full of panic, fear, and apprehension. As his madness increases, so too does his desire to rid himself of the Old Man with whom he lives. He is convinced that the man's eye is evil and that he wishes to do the Narrator harm.

As to the Old Man, we have more knowledge of him physically and less psychologically. He has blue eyes, one of which is cloudy (probably due to cataracts) and their odd appearance makes the Narrator think he possesses some sort of evil intent. He is frail, sleeps a lot and deeply. He is appears to be wealthy, due to the Narrators descriptions of his "gold" and "treasures." The Old Man is probably completely unaware of the Narrator's burgeoning hatred.

macyjohnson465 | Student

i don't get it which characters are round characters and which characters are flat characters????

jack1995 | Student

In this story, the major characters are the narrator wich was nervous during all the story and the poor old man that has an evil eye wich made the narrator kill him.
The minor characters are the police officers who made the narrator confess! 

arisa14 | Student

The characters are : the old man and the narrator.

santa22 | Student

the main characters are the narrator and the old man. but apparently, the minor characters are the policemen and their neighbor who heard the old man's scream.


hope that help you. :)

munchkin419 | Student

The narrator , The old man and the police officer.