Character Of Raju In The Guide By Rk Narayan

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'Railway' Raju, by profession supposedly a 'guide' , is a fascinating character in RK Narayan's ''The Guide''(1958)-- and the central or main theme of this novel is his transformation from a rogue and scoundrel and con-man , to a sage and 'sadhu' or wise man/saint.

It would be tedious trying to give a very detailed analysis of his character here, in limited space, but we can certainly highlight some aspects of his character both negative and positive:

1. Raju is always looking (initially) for a quick opportunity to 'get' something--money, a woman, fame, success etc. he seeks short cuts all the time, which can often be 'wrong cuts'.

2. He is very glib i.e. quick of tongue and expression, wuick to lie and make fools of people, quick to deceive and convey false impressions.

Both the above tarits get him into trouble when he caught and jailed for forgery.

3. On the other hand, he is essentially simple and idealistic-- it isnt his fault he's born in disadvantaged circumstances, and he is at all times only trying his best to make up for his shortcomings, wanting to impress people, win them over, win their favours and good opinions-- this trait, this basic innocence, also makes him take up the challenge of the villagers in their plight, when they need rain; and so he goes off to the ruined old temple and sits there and meditates, trying to 'be' what he is pretending to be i.e. a guru/sage in reality, too, to provid e genuine help.

Im sure that a detailed reading of the novel and research online (some links shared below) would yield more useful points, good luck.