What are the characters and plot of the book?  All the characters in all 5 acts and all the characters

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Julius Caesar—Dictator of Rome

Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony)—Friend of Caesar and one of the leaders of Rome after Caesar’s death

Marcus Brutus—Friend of Caesar who kills him “for the good of Rome”

Cassius—Leader of the conspiracy against Caesar and brother-in-law of Brutus

Casca—The first conspirator to stab Caesar

Trebonius—Member of the conspiracy against Caesar

Caius Ligarius—Final member of the conspiracy, a sick man who joins them when Brutus asks him to help make Rome well

Decius Brutus—Conspirator who uses flattery to get Caesar to the Senate House

Metellus Cimber—Conspirator and brother of Publius Cimber who was banished from Rome

Cinna—Conspirator who urges Cassius to bring Brutus into the conspiracy to gain favorable public opinion

Flavius and Marullus—Tribunes who guard the rights of Roman citizens

Octavius Caesar—Nephew of Julius Caesar and first Roman Emperor

Lepidus—Ally of Antony and Octavius and one of the three rulers of Rome after Caesar’s assassination

Cicero—Roman senator and orator later killed by Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus

Publius—Elderly senator and witness to Caesar’s death

Popilius Lena—Senator who was opposed to Caesar

Calphurnia—Wife of Caesar who tried to keep her husband home on the day of his assassination

Portia—Wife of Brutus, daughter of Cato and sister of Young Cato

Lucilius—Officer in Brutus’ army who is captured by Antony

Titinius—Officer in Cassius’ army who commits suicide after Cassius’ death

Messala—Officer in Brutus’ army who gives Brutus information from Rome, including news of Portia’s suicide

Young Cato—Brother-in-law of Brutus who dies in battle

Varro and Claudius—Soldiers under Brutus’ command who wait in his tent in Sardis before the battle at Philippi

Volumnius, Clitus, and Dardanus—Soldiers under Brutus’ command who refuse to help him commit suicide after the battle of Philippi

Strato—Loyal friend of Brutus who assists him in his suicide

Lucius—Servant of Brutus

Pindarus—Servant of Cassius who helps his master commit suicide

Artemidorus—Friend of Caesar who writes a letter warning him of the plot

Soothsayer—Seer into the future who tries to warn Caesar about the plot to kill him

Cinna the Poet—Poet on his way to Caesar’s funeral who is killed by an angry mob out for revenge

Another Poet—Jester who enters Brutus’ tent while Brutus and Cassius are arguing

Labeo and Flavius—Soldiers in Brutus’ army



Julius Caesar is a highly successful but ambitious political leader of Rome and his goal is to become an unassailable dictator. Caesar is warned that he must "beware the Ides of March" . The prophecy comes true and Caesar is assassinated. Marcus Brutus is a well respected Roman senator who helps plan and carry out Caesar's assassination which he believes will rid Rome of a tyrant. Caesar's friend Mark Antony provides the famous funeral oration ("Friends, Romans, and countrymen…") Brutus and Cassius meet their inevitable defeat. Brutus, the noble Roman, whose decision to take part in the conspiracy for the sake of freedom, plunges his country into civil war.

(for a more in depth summary of the plot, go to http://www.shmoop.com/julius-caesar/plot-analysis.html)

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